Poker Shootout Tournament

2017-11-28 13:28

A shootout tournament in poker can be compared to a steps tournament because it's a series of single-tables tournaments. In a shootout, the players don't win seats to the same or lower steps. Instead, a player either advances to the next round, or goes home.?

A shootout tournament is one event. In a steps tournament, a player can play each individual step as they see fit. If a player wins step one and gets a buy-in to step two, they can then play the step two tournament on the same day, the next, or two weeks later if they wish.?

Shootout tournaments also have different structures. While some award only a single seat to the next round for each table, others award several seats. Nearly all shootouts have a flattened prize structure at the last table. What this means is that shootouts are normally not played as winner-take-all tournaments. The prize pool is usually widely distributed among the final table finishers.?

Take for example that 100 players enter into a shootout event. You will have ten players for ten tables. One way to layout this tournament is to have only a single player at each table move on to the next round. At the last table, there will be a champion from each table, and that player will compete in a single-table tournament. Usually, all players at the last table will be awarded a prize; however, first and second place winners will be awarded substantially larger prizes than the other contestants.?

In some cases a shootout tournament could have three players per table move on to the next round. In the round of 30, three contestants from each table may still move on to the final table. A shootout event can be structured several ways.?

A player's strategy should be be planned by the shootout structure. If only one player for each table moves on to the next round, the player should play rather aggressively. You will have to gamble a substantial amount and hope to win every chip.?

Although, if multiple players advance to the next round, a more selective aggressive strategy becomes necessary. You will want to keep a decent-sized stack in order to keep your opponents from going after you. Sidestepping confrontation is important because you want to move on to the next round with as little gambling as possible. Stealing the blinds is usually an excellent strategy to keep your stack above average.