2010 FIFA World Cup The Most Wonderful Scene

2017-11-28 13:29

2010 World Cup is very wonderful.The most popular game is North Korea array Brazil.This game already attracted many fans attention.It show out a bravery.It is worthy to attention.

Brazil early this morning for the Cup World Cup against North Korea on the Korean Men admiration I. Had a view that there is no suspense in the game before, but the Korean players tough to own and will win the respect of opponents and fans. Can even be said that the DPRK players on the cut when the top teams in Brazil is not only unafraid, and played great platform type of graces.

Beginning of the game, although the Korean team put a 4-5-1 defensive battle, but they have no timidity of color, but the best offensive launched against the Brazilians. Instead of the Korean team in the face of the rapid defeat of Brazil soccer giant, and stubbornly played its own characteristics, the offensive must not shrink from the time of the shooting will not consider you are not Brazil. Korean players will demonstrate self-confidence and, indeed, have embarrassed the Chinese men's soccer.

Remember, when Japan and South Korea World Cup Japan and South Korea do not use the Chinese team finally the chance to play qualifying round first reached the World Cup Finals. That year, the Chinese team also encountered in the group stage in Brazil. And the Korean team's performance today compared to the year before China Football in Brazil is simply cook your feces. The face of Brazil to win, then just like the Chinese team lost soul like, not only swing-up "feces tube array," holed up in the backcourt is no intention of progress, but even this play like a 10-0 - 0 "feces tube array," also could not restrain, Jingtun 4 large egg Brazil.

And then China vs Brazil without a fight, cowardly, conservative stranded compared to today's North Korean team not only played our style, also shot a determination and confidence. Not only do they often live in the Brazilian anti-magic attack, and often surprise surprise counter-offensive, and many Shishe deter Brazil goal. To say nothing of good or bad quality of the Korean team's shooting, alone in front of the Korean people have shown strong teams of world-class self-confidence and courage enough to see the Jingtun 4 large egg Brazil's Soccer Team were ashamed! The first half, the number of North Korean team is not shooting much less than in Brazil Team! Second half goal by Brazilian team break even, but the Korean team players kicked cramps still tenacious defender Brazilian attack will check, they should be respect for opponents and fans. Indomitable Korean players finally get a return, complete field in the Pro pulled one back before the North Korean team, so Brazilian emerge in a cold sweat!

In addition, the Korean player in the game players should also show grace. The first few World Cup is full of pictures of common gunpowder. Before such a Portuguese appeared on the Ketediya players of both sides dispute arise due to foul, the referee was forced to stop the dispute in time to avoid a yellow card. North Korea's match against Brazil in fact both players have also been numerous physical collisions or foul, but the Korean players always very gracious to lift up each other, or pat each other's shoulders a good show, this commendable.

Throughout the game, the Korean team although obviously not as good as the Brazilian technology, but it kicked out of his own courage, kicked out of his own style, is not Naozhong, glorious defeat. North Korea hard cut through this exciting race in Brazil, I have the impression that the Korean team has markedly improved. This is a team worthy of respect!